mowingMowing and Lawn Care

We recognize the growing need for regular mowing by our busy friends and neighbors.  Sean’s Yard Service offers weekly mowing services by our landscaping experts. We use small, self-propelled push mowers for smaller, hilly lawns and Scag walk-behind mowers for our larger properties.


Sean’s Yard Service offers mulching twice a year for our clients.  Providing cover for your plants can improve their resilience against unwanted invaders and increase moisture in the root system to improve vitality of bulbs, bushes, shrubs and trees.mulch

Benefits of mulching include:

  • Moderate evaporation from surface
  • Increase air flow and moisture
  • Discourage soil temperature fluctuations
  • Shield shallow-root plants from freeze damage and frost
  • Reduce weed growth
  • Enhance soil structure and nutrient availability

Gutter Cleaninggutters

Cleaning your home’s gutters is essential to reducing the risk of basement flooding. We recommend cleaning your gutters two or three times a year. Our experts will clean and inspect your gutters to ensure they are draining properly.

Benefits of gutter cleaning include:

  • Avoid water damage to your home
  • Reduce nesting areas for termites, birds, mosquitoes, and other invaders
  • Prevent destruction of lawn
  • Maintain value of your home

Corrugated PipingPiping work III

Our crews are experienced in installing light weight corrugated piping
to address sewerage and drainage issues around your home. We work with
large, plastic pipes which are proven resistant against acids and other
corrosive substances. The corrugated design ensures the strength of the
pipes. They are light weight and require minimal manpower to install,
even in constrained areas.

Benefits of corrugated piping include:

  • Recyclable at the end of their life cycle
  • Provide a logistical advantage as lightweight pipes are easier to
    transport in  higher quantities than their concrete counterparts
  • Flexibility to withstand natural elements
  • Lower CO2 emissions

 Soil Aerationsoil_aeration

This “coring” process gives your soil room to breathe and grass room to grow. It entails removing plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn to allow oxygen and nutrients to travel more easily through the root system.

Benefits of soil aeration include:

  • Aids in nutrient absorption
  • Allows water to seep deeper into your yard which benefits the root system
  • Helps in the prevention of disease, insects and certain types of mold

Leaf Removalleaf_removal

We provide 2 clean-ups in the fall to give your yard a neat, uncluttered appearance. Our crew rakes the leaves and places them curbside for county vacuum collection. Or, if you prefer, they will haul the leaves away to be recycled at a local mulch facility.

Benefits of leaf removal include:

  • Prevents fallen leaves from blocking sunlight and interfering with turf growth
  • Helps in the prevention of fungus and mold due to excess moisture on the grass
  • Eliminates the possibility of piles of wet, decomposing leaves creating a breeding ground for mosquitos
  • Your yard will be prepped to look that much better in the spring!

Other Services Include:

Edging – Provided monthly to include all sidewalks, curbs and driveways

Weeding – Provided on a monthly or bi-monthly basis

Shrub trimming – Provided as needed

Sod installation – We provide instant gratification by giving your lawn a fresh and healthy new look.

Spring Clean-up – Removal of debris from entire yard during the spring months

Overseeding – Promotes a thicker lawn. We use different varietals of seed depending on the levels of sun exposure and shade your lawn receives.

Please contact us and let us know how we can help you achieve your yard care goals.